About the Haaswriter

Where I’d like to be just about anytime ever. And I’m really not as cool as this photo lets on.

Haaswriter is the simple, tiny slice of the internet carved out to jot down the thoughts and musings of one Jacob W. Haas.

While not drumming up some sort of direct response marketing design or doodling on  random sheets of his coworkers’ post-it notes (one of the middle ones, so it takes a while to find) Jake likes to write. Short stories, journal posts, the beginnings and middles of ideas, but not so much the ends.

And that’s sort of what started this whole blog site… as a tool to finish some of these story snippets that get hastily written down and never fleshed out. It’s a virtual conscience.

But I think he’ll need a lot of practice. I mean, he can’t even think of a good way to end this About Me page.